The Construction & Maintenance department offers its customers products and services developed both at its own premises and on the customer's own premise, in fact it also, has fitted-out mobile workshops used for emergency interventions.

It has a functional area dedicated to machine tools equipped with manual parallel lathes for maintenance activities, CNC lathes for custom productions, radial and column drills, band saws, boring machines, milling machines, balancers machines, ecological parts washers, pipe cutters, high-pressure hydraulic pipe presses, as well as automatic and semi-automatic welding machines.

The Construction & Maintenance department also uses a functional area dedicated to tests, commissioning and certification, equipped with measuring instruments and test benches.

The Gradito has a well-stocked spare parts warehouse which allows to carry out the emergency intervention on the hydraulic and pneumatic systems with shorter supply times.


  • Construction of hydraulic systems
  • Maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • Construction and maintenance of pipes and structural steelwork
  • Maintenance of loading arms for oil tankers - coastal deposits
  • Maintenance of pneumatic systems
  • Electrical maintenance of low-voltage electrical machines and systems
  • Maintenance of systems, equipment and appliances for lifting and use in the ATEX area.
  • Flushing and decontamination hydraulic and lubrication fluids
  • Maintenance rotating machines

Gradito Oleodinamica also has a functional area dedicated to testing and certification of:

  • Techno Trend Test bench for hydraulic pumps and motors up to 250 kW
  • Test bench for testing of Woodward speed governors.
  • A grinding machine for smoothing surfaces of hydraulic motors and pumps
  • Bench flushing power 150 kW flow rate Max 600 l / min pressure 160 bar, with
    devices for monitoring pressure, flow rate and temperature, as well as equipment for
    analysing particle contamination levels of the oil (in accordance with standard ISO
    4406; 1999); fluid conditioning system trading hydraulic and lubrification fluids compliant with
    work in ATEX environment.
  • CFilter carts for decontaminating fluids with solid contaminants
    and filter carts for filling of hydraulic power packs with drums oil and
    topping up of tanks
  • Analyser of particle contamination levels of the oil

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