Angiolino Gradito, Sole director of Gradito, has always been attracted by the challenge of the force of gravity. Ability and determination pushed him to create a department with a Team of specialist engineers and technicians whose work encompasses the lifting and transport of heavy weights and unusual shapes and sizes.

The exceptional transport specialists together with the manager are coordinated and work on projects in all their stages, taking care of every little detail from the initial engineering to the final positioning.

A staff of engineers is dedicated to the Lifting & Transport area, studying case by case the best solution both from a technical and a safety point of view.

The engineers, in close contact with the technicians involved who take care of the inspections, design the transport vehicles and the lifting system, planning it ad hoc.

The Team is constantly eoling, updating its software system for processing CAD drawings and 3D video simulations to be able to deal with every job with maximum professionalism.

Gradito has a large fleet of vehicles with several 8-ton to 400-ton mobile cranes, a 100-ton telescopic crawler crane and the latest Lieebher LR 1500, a 500-ton lattice crawler crane. The Gradito deploys a complete fleet of vehicles including tractors, trailers and modular trailers with variable capacity that are needed to move both the cranes and the load.


  • Forklifts from 1.5 to 8 Tons electric and diesel
  • Aerial Platforms from 6 to 56 mt electric and diesel
  • Truck-mounted aerial platform from 19 to 22 mt diesel
  • Bendini, Rigo and P&H mobile crane from 25tons with remote control operator basket.
  • Grove mobile crane 35 tons telescopic boom 31 mt extendable to 47 mt with Jib
  • Ormig, G&C, Hyco, Hyco, Rigo, Grove mobile crane from 35 to 55 tons with telescopic boom
  • Grove mobile crane 55 tons telescopic boom from 43 m extendable to 60 m with Jib
  • Rigo mobile crane 80 tons telescopic boom from 41 m extendable to 61 m with Jib
  • Grove mobile crane 80 tons telescopic boom from 51 m extendable to 75 m with Jib
  • Liebherr mobile crane 100 tons telescopic boom from 60 m with Jib extendable to 79 m
  • P&H 120 mobile crane with lattice boom.
  • Terex / Demag mobile crane 200 ton telescopic boom extendable from 60 meters extendable to 100 meters with Jib
  • Liebherr mobile crane 400 tons telescopic boom from 60 mt with jib extendable to 130 meters
  • Autogrù Liebherr ltm 1250-5.1
  • Liebherr Crawler crane 100 tons telescopic boom from 52 mt with jib extendable to 80 mt
  • Liebherr crawler crane 500 tons lattice LR 1500
  • Scania lorry with crane on board and trailer from 20 tons
  • Scania articulated lorry with lowered and extendable semi-trailer with a payload of up to 500 tons
  • Heavy-duty modules THP with max payload of 720 tons
  • Demolitore Liebherr R954BV equipped with grippers
  • Bucket hydraulics from 1 mc
  • Mechanical Grabber from 3 mc
  • Hydraulic Loader with spider

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