The Technical Design and Services section has a cutting-edge technical office where a staff of engineers and technicians design, deelop and test products/services according to the specific need of the customer.

During the design, our technical department actively collaborates with the customer in the development of the project and the choice of materials to be used in order to obtain cutting-edge technical solutions at the lowest possible cost. All the design is carried out according to the law, following the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification system.

The Welcome offers all its accumulated know-how to ensure the customer a competitive product that meets all safety standards.

The Technical department uses advanced three-dimensional CAD systems and modellers with which they produce the design of 3D prototypes, concept designs and ergonomic analyses.

The department also deals with R&D fact also includes a European patent "Safety Device For Pipes Fitting" N ° EP 2383499.

Designing and related engineering services:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Structural stellwork
  • Industrial machines
  • Exceptional Lifting


“Safety Device For Pipes Fitting“ Brevetto N° EP 2383499
Wireline Unit
Custom Hydraulic Power Packs
Machines for O&G Industry


“Safety Device For Pipes Fitting“ Brevetto N° EP 2383499


La Gradito is the right partner to minimize the presence of contaminants in your system. Through the use of specialized equipment, it is able to provide at the customer's facilities, services of purification of lubricants from solid contamination, water and gas, washing services to restore the degree of contamination required by plant instructions and able to provide specialized hydraulic technology with years of experience in the sector.

Gradito, has decades of experience in the field of flushing and filtration of hydraulic fluids and lubrication, it operates with a regular contract with the Oil &Gas companies and power generation such as Eni, Esso, Lukoil, Enel Green Power, Enel Distribuzione, etc ...;

The company offers its customers a full range of service solutions and maintenance of hydraulic systems.

The following facilities are available to Ns. Customers to minimize the presence of contaminated elements:

  • Initial Coverage;
  • Contamination Monitoring;
  • Flushing hydraulic lubrication circuits;
  • Removing in emergency of water and particulates;
  • Flushing Services Varnish removal;
  • Flushing of hydraulic circuits in order to restore the degree of contamination required by the specification;
  • Filtering hydraulic oil and lubricating oil;
  • Emptying and cleaning crates hydraulic oil and lubricating oil;
  • Measurements with specialist instrumentation certified of contaminated (solids and water);
  • Maintenance hydraulics specialist.

The main objective of Gradito is to offer clients a team of trained technicians are able to offer different types of services for the definition and planning of maintenance to minimize the failure rate.

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