Launching deck Mistretta (ME)

8 May 2023

Carried out on 29 April 2023 the assembly, launch and installation of the’ deck above the S.S. 117 of the Viaduct Rogillo 2, as part of the ANAS PA 01/14 contract. The works concern the redevelopment and expansion of the S.S. 117, a new and functional connection of the North-South itinerary of the "Centrale Sicula", through the adaptation of the characteristics of the current route of the S.S. 117 to […]


23 Mar 2021

The launch of the steel beams “Mountain viaduct” on the S.S. 117 Centrale Sicula is added to the list of references of the #lifting department & #transports of Gradito oleodinamica S.r.l. The work involved once again the LR1500 (500 ton lattice crawler crane) assisted by the LTM1400 (400 ton telescopic crane). The team […]

A19 – Launch of the Imera Viaduct

7 Jul 2020

The launch of the seven segments that make up the deck of the new Imera viaduct on the A19 motorway has been completed “Palermo – Catania”. All the various have involved the LR 1500 and LTM 1400 cranes of Gradito Oleodinamica Srl which are entrusted to expert crane operators, assisted by the lift manager Eng. Basile Vincenzo and guided by the lift manager […]

Decommissioning of sulfur and sulfuric acid shelter island 9

19 Mar 2020

The year 2020 began a few months ago and Gradito oleodinamica Srl has completed the reclamation, disassembly and demolition of the Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid loading canopies of the Gela Refinery. The contract from the earliest stages was carried out with the arrival on the field of the employer Angiolino Gradito who with […]

A successful day

27 Nov 2019

The Welcome has participated in the day "I sure live" in Gela last November 13 to discuss how to adopt safer behaviors at work and in life in general, renewing the pact for security.


12 Nov 2019

The yard dismantling of Barbara of Caltanissetta TBM was definitely one of the largest under the sky of Italy in the year 2017. Not surprisingly, the jury of ILTA - Italian Lifting and Transportation Awards, awarded the ACCEPTABLE HYDRAULIC category "lifting with cranes with lattice boom crawler undercarriage"


12 Nov 2019

The Welcome Hydraulics Ltd. for years is on the market with elaborate solutions to develop and execute the work in view of the "GLOBAL SERVICE SOLUTION".
The disassembly order of the columns c / o the Gela refinery has in fact requested the study of imbracaggio system.

The activities of the technical office

12 Nov 2019

La Gradito Oleodinamica s.r.l. has a state-of-the-art technical office where a staff of engineers and technicians develop, design and test the products according to the specific needs of the customer.

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