Fluid purification systems for activities’ in flushing

31 Oct 2014

Gradito oleodinamica Srl constantly invests to have technically advanced machinery / equipment up to date, in compliance with safety regulations and is pleased to present the new fluid purification systems for flushing activities.

The following equipment is able to treat hydraulic and lubrication fluids, removing water, solid particles and gases. All units are designed in compliance with the ATEX 94/9 / EC directive.

In particular, the new equipment is able to remove 100% of free water and 90% of dissolved water, 100% of free and entrained gases and over 80% of dissolved gases and all impurities including fine particles. and other solid components or particulate contaminants. A collaboration agreement was signed on 7 May 2014 with PALL ITALIA Srl Process Division for flushing operations to companies belonging to the following markets: Industrial Manufacturing, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Power Generation

Filtration trolley for the decontamination of fluids from solid contamination including sludge, varnish and other solid or particle contaminants(Compliant to work in ATEX environment)
Fluid conditioning system capable of handling hydraulic and lubrication fluids
(Compliant to work in ATEX environment)
Flushing activities on OFF-SHORE hydraulic circuits
Flushing activities on OFF-SHORE hydraulic circuits

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